The “Yuzhuralzoloto” Group, a big name in Russian gold mining, is set to hire 200 grads from the Tajikistan Mining and Metallurgical Institute this year. This news comes straight from the Russian Consulate General in Khujand after talks between the company folks and the university heads in Buston.

The deal is that the company is looking to bring on board geologists, mining engineers, drillers, processing engineers, mechanical engineers, and electricians. And guess what? They’re offering sweet salaries and some nice benefits too. Plus, they offer paid internships for students, covering their travel and stay in Russia.


Yuzhuralzoloto, a name synonymous with excellence in the gold mining sector, stands prominently as one of Russia’s premier gold mining companies. It is distinguished not only by its substantial production volume but also by its significant reserves, positioning it as a leader in the industry. The company employs underground and open-pit mining techniques, showcasing its versatility and commitment to leveraging the most efficient methods for gold extraction.

The company’s prime assets are strategically located in the rich, mineral-laden landscapes of the Chelyabinsk region, an area famous for its great natural resources. This region is a cornerstone for Yuzhuralzoloto’s operations, providing a stable foundation for mining activities.

President Konstantin Strukov, a figure of considerable experience and expertise, is at the forefront of the company’s remarkable journey. His journey from a former miner to the company’s helm is a testament to his deep-seated knowledge of the industry and his unwavering dedication to the company’s growth. Under his leadership, Yuzhuralzoloto has not only sustained its position in the market but has also set new benchmarks for excellence in gold mining.


The Mining-Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan is a top-notch place for studying all things mining and metals, with excellent programs like Geology, Mineral Exploration, Surveying, all kinds of Mining, Mineral Processing, Metallurgy (especially for the shiny and rare stuff!), Environmental Engineering, plus Oil and Gas Development, Mechanical Engineering Tech, Power Stuff, Transport Management, and even Economics and Management. It covers a wide range of disciplines.

Students and Faculty

The institute serves as an academic haven for approximately 3,000 students, who benefit from the wisdom and expertise of over 160 faculty members. This distinguished faculty includes five highly-regarded doctors and professors, alongside 36 associate professors. The institute’s academic offerings are organized into three core areas: Mining, Energomechanics, and Metallurgy.

Strategic Partnership

This partnership goes beyond just a basic business arrangement; it symbolizes a strategic initiative to attract fresh talent by presenting graduates with crucial opportunities in the mining sector. The roles available cover a broad spectrum of specializations, from engineering to environmental management, ensuring that every operation element runs smoothly and efficiently.

This collaboration represents more than a mere alliance between two entities; it marks a significant leap toward realizing ambitious goals for growth and expansion in the industry. This partnership is poised to drive creation and progress by fostering a nurturing environment for new talent, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the mining sector.

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